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  • Accunect is a consciousness based healing modality. Accunect is like acupuncture without the needles. It combines what we know about how  acupuncture theory works and modern research in neuroscience to bring the nervous system back into balance so the body can heal itself. When the body is in stress or has stuck emotions, physical dis-ease, illness, injuries, and funky relationship dynamics with others can occur. When the body is in balance, it heals naturally. 

  • In the sessions I offer, I can utilize multiple healing modalities (Akashic records, core synchronism, body talk) to facilitate balance and lasting change. Accunect is just my preferred “access point” to the energy field. Energy has no limits. And that is what’s so cool about this work!

  • When I’m doing a session it makes no difference if we’re in the same room or across the world from each other. In either setting:

What is Accunect?

  • 1.  you tell me what you want to focus on and what things you want to be different for you 2. I receive intuitive information using the Accunect protocol and health map by using biofeedback techniques to find what to balance depending on YOUR OWN LIFE STORY, YOUR OWN health history and areas of imbalance that are causing pain, disease, emotional distress and spiritual disconnection.  Any number of things will show up on your health map to be balanced.  This will happen in the most perfect, direct and effective way for you. 3. I tap over your head and heart (physically or energetically). Tapping over the head  helps the Nervous System focus on what is ready to be better. Tapping over the heart ensures that you now know this new way of being “by heart”. Your body's own internal awareness, brain, nervous system, heart center and the acupuncture meridian system are activated to stimulate your body's healing ability.  The correct areas are highlighted to address all levels of your system - mind, body and spirit.

What happens in a session?

  • To cancel your subscription log in to your Sarah Love Healing account. Go to Subscriptions. Select ‘Cancel Subscription

How do I cancel my subscription?

  • You can listen to your session any time of the day. You want to create a safe space where you can fully relax and receive the balancing. You can sit or lie down, whatever is comfortable to you. If you are listening to the session during the day give yourself about 35-45 minutes to listen and integrate the session. You may want to set an alarm in case you fall asleep. You can also listen to your session before you go to sleep. Receiving the session while you sleep is a great way to integrate with the session through your subconscious processing. *Do not listen to the session recordings while you are operating machinery or driving a car*. Think of your session as a meditation that gets you tapped into Theta brainwaves.

When is the preferred time and environment to listen to or receive an individual/personal session?

  • It depends on the way your body processes the energy. Some people don’t feel anything at all and others people report feeling sensations, light tapping, gentle shifts in energy, profound shifts in energy and more. Some people report seeing images and having memories come into mind. Other people report feeling an overall sense of calmness and relaxation.

Should I feel anything?

  • No. Your child does not need to listen to the family session that you purchase for them. Your intention of your child or pet receiving the session is enough. Your child or pet will receive the balancing when it is best for their system to integrate the session. You can listen to the recording if you would like, however it is not required that you listen in order for your child to benefit from the session.

Does my child (or pet) need to listen to the family session(s) that I purchased for them?

  • These Accunect sessions weave ancient wisdom with modern science. Drawing upon tools such as Acupuncture theory, Cognitive psychology theory, Osteopathic theory, Western Medical knowledge, Quantum physics to create a powerful system to get to the root cause of problems. These sessions are holistic in that we can establish metal balance, physical health, emotional regulation, spiritual connection, and the body’s healing ability. Energy is Everything! So by changing the energy you can change your life.

How do these sessions do all of this amazing healing stuff?

  • Yes! I would love to hear from you via the client messaging center. I’d love to hear how your session felt for you and what has shifted. You can share shifts you’ve experienced or changes in your children’s behavior from the family sessions. Your feedback and ideas to let me know what is working for you and your family are welcome!

Can I make a request for a session focus or can I share what happened during or after my session?

  1. Open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat or your preferred PDF editor

  2. Click File > Export to > Image > JPG. The Save as dialog box should now be displayed.

  3. Select a location where you want to save the file, and then click Save. Each page in the PDF will be saved as a separate JPEG file.

  4. Travel to your member profile on and scroll down to upload your intake form.

  5. Enter your information, and click the Upload Intake Form

  6. Select all four JPGS from your computer finder and click Open to initiate the upload. Click the Submit button. When your files have been successfully uploaded you will see the following upload confirmation message below the Submit button, “Your content has been submitted”

  • If you run into any issues uploading, please email your intake form to Please title the email subject line as follows: 

  • example: [Your name, Intake Form Submission]

Tips for converting your intake form: PDF to JPG


  • Accunect is a cutting-edge energy medicine system that combines acupuncture and modern neuroscience to promote balance and harmony within the body. Visit for more information on the Accunect practitioner training program and how to start your journey in this rewarding field.

Are you interested in a career in holistic health and healing? Consider becoming an Accunect practitioner.

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